Markdown mit VS-Code

shortcuts allgemein:

  • STRG + P : Datei suchen
  • STRG + P --> '>' oder F1: Befehl ausführen
  • STRG + Shift + 'apostroph' = Terminal öffnen
  • STRG K + STRG C = multiline comment ## extentions
  • Foam for VSCode (Wikilinks to Markdown)
  • Markdown All in One
  • Name: Markdown Links
  • Name: Markdown Preview Enhanced
  • Name: Path Autocomplete
  • PasteImage
  • Markdown Shortcuts


markdown all in one

Key Command
Ctrl/Cmd + B Toggle bold
Ctrl/Cmd + I Toggle italic
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + ]Toggle heading (uplevel)
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + [Toggle heading (downlevel)
Ctrl/Cmd + M Toggle math environment
Alt + C Check/Uncheck task list item
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + VToggle preview
Ctrl/Cmd + K V Toggle preview to side
Ctrl + Shit + I table Formater

my shortcuts

Markdown All in One: Toggle code span Markdown All in One: Toggle code block Markdown All in One: Toggle list

markdown enhaced preview

Shortcuts Functionality
cmd-k v or ctrl-k v Open preview to the Side
cmd-shift-v or ctrl-shift-vOpen preview
ctrl-shift-s Sync preview / Sync source
shift-enter Run Code Chunk
ctrl-shift-enter Run all Code Chunks
cmd-= or cmd-shift-= Preview zoom in
cmd– or cmd-shift-_ Preview zoom out
cmd-0 Preview reset zoom
esc Toggle sidebar TOC


markdown all

find . -name \*.txt -type f -execdir pandoc -f dokuwiki -t markdown -o {}.md {} \;
Name Description Default key binding
md-shortcut.showCommandPalette Display all commands ctrl+M ctrl+M
md-shortcut.toggleBold Make bold ctrl+B
md-shortcut.toggleItalic Make italic ctrl+I
md-shortcut.toggleStrikethroughMake strikethrough
md-shortcut.toggleLink Make a hyperlink ctrl+L
md-shortcut.toggleImage Make an image ctrl+shift+L
md-shortcut.toggleCodeBlock Make a code block ctrl+M ctrl+C
md-shortcut.toggleInlineCode Make inline code ctrl+M ctrl+I
md-shortcut.toggleBullets Make * bullet point ctrl+M ctrl+B
md-shortcut.toggleNumbers Make 1. numbered list ctrl+M ctrl+1
md-shortcut.toggleCheckboxes Make - [ ] check list (Github flavored markdown)ctrl+M ctrl+X
md-shortcut.toggleTitleH1 Toggle # H1 title
md-shortcut.toggleTitleH2 Toggle ## H2 title
md-shortcut.toggleTitleH3 Toggle ### H3 title
md-shortcut.toggleTitleH4 Toggle #### H4 title
md-shortcut.toggleTitleH5 Toggle ##### H5 title
md-shortcut.toggleTitleH6 Toggle ###### H6 title
md-shortcut.addTable Add Tabular values
md-shortcut.addTableWithHeader Add Tabular values with header

pandoc mit custom task

Ctrl + P : configure task
--> task.json
--> custom/other
  "tasks": [
            "label": "Pandoc: Convert markdown to dokuwiki",
            "type": "shell",
            "command": "pandoc -f markdown -t dokuwiki -o ${file}.txt ${file}",
            "problemMatcher": []

Markdown editing with Visual Studio Code

pandoc with piped tables from dokuwiki

pandoc --from dokuwiki --to markdown-simple_tables-multiline_tables-grid_tables -o a.txt

problem with the tab-key workaround: F1 –> keybo –> markdown.ext tab –> change when –> insert !tablecodition from table plugin